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With any investment, it is important to understand how it is serving you, your family, and your goals.   As of today, I am able to recommend the following options for your investment property:


Listing Services - Through our marketing and prospecting, we will drive the most traffic to your property (we also generate 1000s of local buyer leads from our redevelopment properties)

Best when you have time to prep your property & would like top dollar

Services Include: Direct Mail Marketing, Digital Marketing, Online Advertising, Buyer Prospecting, Pricing, Negotiation, & Full-Service Listing Support



Leasing Services - My team is able to provide a full-service leasing solution for you 

Best when passive income is important to you and you don’t mind being a landlord

Services Include: Advertising, Showings, Tenant Screening, & Lease Writing



Cash Sale - We have active cash buyers looking to purchase homes in our area

Best when repairs or updates are needed & you’d like to close very quickly

The offer will be cash and "as is" without fees or hassles - a quick 15 minute home tour will be required


**We truly feel everyone’s situation is different and that is why we would be happy to discuss your goals**


The key is not knowing your options, but rather having trust in the process.  We can provide you with peace of mind by sharing the HOW with you. The HOW is the part where there are no empty promises, but just action and met expectations.  


You deserve the peace of mind knowing you will be taken care of. If any of these options or a conversation about your goals is of interest...please give us a call at 781-667-2770.